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Personal Injury

Personal injury lawsuits allow victims who have suffered serious harm through no fault of their own to seek monetary compensation for their losses including physical pain, mental anguish, and financial hardship.

Personal Injury Topics

Auto Accident Medical Malpractice Wrongful Death Birth Injury


Dissolving a marriage involves navigating issues such as the division of property, child custody and spousal support. Learn how divorce laws differ in each state and what a divorce attorney can assist you with.

Divorce Topics

Child Custody Child Support AlimonyMarriage & Prenuptials

Criminal Defense

Criminal Law is the codes, statutes, and rules that defines and prohibits certain conduct prohibited by the regional, state, and federal government. Criminal charges may be misdemeanors or felonies and usually differ by state.

Criminal Defense Topics

DUI and DWI Burglary Drug PossessionTraffic Tickets


Bankruptcy cases involve determining which section of the bankruptcy code , such as Chapter 7 or Chapter 11 is best suited for your case. A successful bankruptcy filing can discharge your debts, structure repayment plans and return you to stable financial standing.

Bankruptcy Topics

Foreclosure New Bankruptcy Law

Immigration Law

Immigration law deals with complex legal issues as deportation, citizenship, naturalization and obtaining a green card. Immigration lawyers are experts in the federal legal process and immigration policy and the Homeland Security Act.

Immigration Law Topics

Naturalization Immigration FAQ's


Employment law covers most areas of the employer/employee relationship and includes thousands of Federal and state statutes, administrative regulations, and judicial decisions. Many employment laws were enacted to protect the labor force

Employment Topics

Sexual Harassment Worker’s Compensation

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